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Orthopedic Deformity Correction

At MGBclinics, we provide treatment for correcting spine, shoulder, and leg (knee) and any bone abnormalities. Orthopedic Deformity Correction is done with surgery along with long-term rehabilitation.

Dr. Somnath Machani has been treating patients with severe deformities for several years. The goal is to help the patient get back to work or play with their peer group.

Limb lengthening

The MGBclinics Limb lengthening Service is a surgical technique in which the bone is sliced and the tension is broken to extend it. Dr. Machani uses this procedure to heal patients with limb differences or who were born without a limb. It can be an effective approach to help patients regain their ability to walk or just feel more normal. If you believe this is something that might be beneficial to you, we recommend contacting us.

Limb Lengthening

Treatment of bone infections (osteomyelitis)

Dr. Machani provides treatment for Osteomyelitis. The presence of germs in or around the bone causes osteomyelitis. There is a localized accumulation of inflammatory cells within the bone with this disease. This build-up can cause harm to bone cells owing to a lack of blood flow and oxygenation. In severe stages of the illness, patients may lose a limb. But at MGBclinics there is a treatment for this condition through a combination of procedures. MGBclinics has one of the most experienced orthopedic doctors in India. There is a collaboration of staff skilled in various specialties to ensure quality care and successful recovery at MGBclinics.

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